Hello my beautiful guys & dolls I'd like to say welcome to my little blog! Its cute and sweet, (like me) haha. I hope you enjoy your stay here and please visit me on www.kayleeskandy.com for more! For business enquiries feel free to contact me. I look forward to your messages, feedback and friendships. Take care sweeties. xox

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mrryback92 asked:
hey kaylee i think u are super sexy and would love u in my bed lol but i can not see ur videos coz ur youtube as been blocked :( love perry xoxox

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Hello my lovely people and welcome to another www.kayleeskandy.com update!
I had such a gorgeous Christmas, lots of food… and i accidentally gained ALOT of weight as im sure you can see in this set!! also, 2 videos! but ill get into that in a moment ;) 
So, i invited my beautiful friend to my home, and we decided to get a little naughty and playful together in this photo set!! we both ended up completely naked, our big bellies touching each other, big boobs bouncing around and lingerie all over the floor ;)
Lots of photos are shot at a POV angle, especially the ones of us in full nudity, it will be like your there with us ;) watching us ;) .. x WATCH AT WWW.KAYLEESKANDY.COM!! 
2 VIDEOS are added to this update!
1)Bursting body suit- Come and watch as i strutt around in this VERY TIGHT body suit…. it was so tight it was tearing apart! this video will make your eyes fall out of your head, its one of the most sexiest videos i have EVER DONE!
2) Vanilla meets Chocolate!: Long story short ;) this video ends up in full exposure ;) POV angles, belly play, lots of jiggling, and it ends with Bambi grabbing my tits and playing with them, shaking them ;)
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Introducing Bambi BrownXXX
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Enjoy :) - Kaylee xxxx
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officialviviennui asked:
Hi sugar! I just wanted to let you know that I saw that someone had stolen your photos and was impersonating you on another site. I got your back. Keep up the amazing work! xoxoxo! Vivi

Hi love, can you give me the link thanks xxxxx

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i want a best friend lol :(

preferably a bbw girl, who is fun, likes to drink sometimes, gamer, glamourous, and in the UK… are you out there? :(  ugh x

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The incredible Kaylee, from www.kayleeskandy.com! 

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